Imagine Teaching Guitar - You Only Need ONE Song!

Imagine Teaching Guitar

Hints & Tips to get you Started Teaching Guitar



Ever thought about teaching guitar?

If Not – Why Not?

You have a skill whatever level you are at and there are 1000’s of people out there wanting to learn and who better to teach them than YOU!

Imagine Teaching Guitar - My Story

My Name is Michael Hutton

I have been a successful Guitar Teacher for over 40 Years and if there is one thing I have learnt then it is that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

I didn't take to the education system taught in my school and left with very few qualifications but rather than that being my demise it was my saviour.

After various post-school experiences I realised that there are other ways to learn anything and that everyone is a genius at something if they are given the chance to proof themselves.

I knew I could teach others by adapting to the way they wanted to learn, by understanding and empathising with their struggles and I chose to do it Teaching Guitar.

Now it's Your Turn - You Can Do This Too!

Imagine Teaching Guitar - Think About It!

There are 1000’s of people out there just looking to play for fun or get into a band.  They don’t want to read music and do exams just to play at a family BBQ or Jam with friends and the serious approach often puts them off wanting to continue.  If you think about it, that’s probably how you started and struggled a bit on the way.  Use what you have experienced and help make somebody else’s path less frustrating AND improve your own skills on the way.

Myth Buster 1 – You don’t need to have qualifications coming out of your ears! - You just need a passion for what you do, to be ahead of your carefully selected students to offer value and want to help others.

Myth Buster 2 – You don’t need to read music! - Many student's will be put off if they thought they had to learn music.  Many just want to know a few chords and strums to play their favourite songs for their own pleasure (e.g. family gatherings) 

Myth Buster 3 – You don’t need to know and play every genre of music! - Can Eric Clapton play Classical guitar like Segovia?, Can Noel Gallagher shred like Steve Via?  No! - They all have their own speciality and so do you! 

Myth Buster 4 – You are never too young or old to teach! - Or Rock and Roll!  If you are young you have a better chance of empathising with your student's as your own learning pains are still fresh.  If you are older you have a life of experience to add to your student's learning experience

Imagine Teaching Guitar - Here's What You Can Do About It!

Listen to your heart and head -  Don’t listen to the doubters (the biggest of which could be YOU by the way!).  Believe In Yourself and encourage other to believe in themselves too.  It’s Infectious!

Be Prepared – Sort out your target audience and level you feel comfortable with so you can plan lesson content, pricing and marketing.  Prepare To Win!

Be Adaptable – Not everyone responds to a lesson in the same way so try to read your student’s body language , empathise and adapt your strategy accordingly.  They will thank you for it, I’ve Been There!

Collaborate – Liaise with related businesses in your area as allies and not competition recommend them to would be student’s in levels and subject matter you don’t feel comfortable with or not interested in teaching.  You’ll be surprised what comes back when you least expect it.

Give Value – Always strive to go the extra mile for your students, be it additional time, a product or service.  This goodwill pays dividends in loyalty and recommendations that just can’t be measured!

Be Yourself – This is really important.  Don’t try to be somebody you are not.  People see through this and can quickly lose trust.  Bear in mind the service you are offering is nothing new and your student could choose anyone they like in your area so make sure it’s you they choose and stay with because you are genuine and trustworthy.  It’s the highest accolade they can award you - Believe Me!

Imagine Teaching Guitar - I Can Help You Get Started!

There are a number of ways that some of my current products will help you like my Book, Course and Membership Site.

  • Although aimed at beginner guitarists they are ideal for for as a wannabe teachers to provide a structure to those all important first lessons.
  • If you are unsure how to start teaching then having the confidence in your teaching plan has a knock on effect on your student's perception of you as a teacher.
  • The Book will also provide you with valuable material for your first few lessons meaning you can get started while to start to prepare the follow up lessons.

But before you go spending any money I would like to offer you a FREE  'No Obligation' Zoom Call to understand a bit more about how you might want to approach this but best way we can approach this should you decide to work with me to help you get started.

You may get all the answers you need from the call to get you on your way and if so, Great! 

You may feel you want a couple of sessions as pointers to get you going or a bit of hand holding for those first few lessons.

Maybe you would like a more detailed course to really set up on your way.

The choice will be yours but it will cost you nothing to take this First Step to Realising Your Ambition.  What you don't want to do is leave it then spend your life wondering if you could have done it!

Do you want to find out more? - Good

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