Your Guitar Coach - Private Tuition

Are you learning to play guitar or maybe re-visiting a teenage passion to realise your dream in retirement?

Do you struggle to keep motivated or just can’t find the time?

I have been a guitar teacher for over 40 years but the pain of struggling to get through that first song and actually start enjoying to play is still a very vivid memory.

I pride myself on empathising with my students as I also know what it feels like when you finally make that breakthrough and I want you to experience that as well.

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Your guitar Coach - Face-to-Face Lessons

£25 Per 1/2 Hour- 45 or 60 Minute Lessons Also Available

Lessons at Home in East Suffolk


  • Lessons in Your Own Familiar Surrounding
  • No Travelling on your part
  • Can make it easier to create the ideal practice environment


  • Can disrupt the rest of the family
  • More easily distracted
  • More expensive
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Your Guitar Coach - Online Lessons

From £20 Per 1/2 Hour- 45 or 60 Minute Lessons Also Available

Lessons Online Using Zoom Webinar Platform


  • Less disruption due to bad weather and the 2020 lockdown
  • Lessons can easily be videoed and shared
  • Can live anywhere and still have lessons


  • Disruption due to bad Internet connection
  • You may feel it's not as personal
  • Finding a quiet space for your lesson
No Question Too Small

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As you can see, either option has it's advantages and disadvantages but I do know that my face-to-face lessons found the webinar option invaluable during to 2020 lockdown meaning they were able to continue their learning uninterrupted.

The fact that you have a choice means that whatever your situation is then there is no need to let your learning suffer and with lesson continuity virtually guaranteed whatever the current situation is means that your guitar learning journey will be quicker, less painful and more enjoyable 

Can you afford to put off living your dream any longer?

This is just the beginning!

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Now you can Overcome Your Struggle, Clear Your Vision and Stay on the Right Path to Living Your Dream

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