FREE Blueprint: The 6-Core Elements to Teaching and Playing Guitar


FREE Roadmap to Learn ONE Song then convert to 1000's of Songs!

Consists of 2 Blueprints:

1 - Illustrates the 6 Core Elements

2 - Applies these Elements to an actual song.

3 - Suitable whether Learning to Play or Teach Guitar

FREE Blueprint: The 6-Core Elements to Teaching and Playing Guitar

Not knowing where to start or how to structure your practice is one of the biggest problems facing anyone starting out on guitar.

This FREE Blueprint is the solution to structuring your lessons in an easy-to-follow method that keeps you or your students motivated giving you that all-important start on your guitar learning journey.

Download NOW! to learn how you can create inspirational lesson plans for yourself or your students and with no formal teaching qualifications.

In this FREE Blueprint, you’ll learn:

1.  How to get and keep you or your students in the Right Mindset to keep motivated

2.  The anatomy of the guitar and how to tune it perfectly every time

3.  How to create the best practice environment to keep you or your student’s guitar-playing vision in focus

4.  The 3-Chord Trick - Three easy-to-play Chords that will change your life

5.  How to maximise the speed and ease of changing chords quickly and with more confidence

6.  How to put it all together in their first song and how to apply this to literally 1000's of songs

Print Out and Hang Up somewhere easy to see, or maybe as a homepage on your phone. This helps to keep you reminded of your goals.

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