"Imagine Playing Guitar - From Beginner to BBQ in 30-Days"

Have you been struggling to teach yourself guitar?  If so, you are probably not aware that online courses can offer a more personal experience than you think and be as effective as 1-2-1 teaching, leaving you in total control of how and when you want to learn whether you are looking to change your work-life balance or fit into your current lifestyle.

There is no secret to the fact that music and learning to play an instrument can improve your health and wellbeing and my 40+ years of playing and teaching guitar has shown that retired people like you benefit more than most.

Why There Has Never Been A Better Time:

  • Finally realising a long-held dream
  • Time on your hands to devote to learning
  • The pleasure of playing to family and friends at your BBQ
  • Entertaining the grandchildren

These wins alone are too precious to resist, and the rewards are priceless.

My Imagine Playing Guitar – You Only Need ONE Song! Course is a cost-effective solution aimed at getting you playing comfortably and confidently as soon as possible.  Although a Self-Teach Course I am there to support you all the way. 

Purchase today for just £27 (usually £209) and the 1st 15 people to sign up will receive Not One but TWO Value-Added Bonuses and NO RISK.

  • FREE 60 Minute 1-2-1 Online Guitar Lesson with Me (Worth £40)
  • FREE 60-Day Trial to my Membership Community’
  • Full Refund – If you haven’t learnt to play at least ONE song in 30 Days I promise to give you a Full Refund
"YES - I Want To Learn Guitar NOW!"

"I appointed Michael as my Guitar Coach after retiring a few years ago and I wished I’d done it sooner.  Some years ago, I thought I'd have a go to play guitar but didn't really get on that well with the teacher and his methods.  Since retiring I thought I’d have another go but trying to teach yourself is difficult. The good thing about our lessons is I know the songs, so I've got some idea what it's going to sound like.  It's giving me confidence like I'd never expected.  I find Michael is great at keeping me motivated by always trying to help rather than criticise.  It's been a very good learning experience which I've really enjoyed. I’m having a great time.”  Adrian – Retired School Teacher

Imagine Playing Guitar - The Course!

 Currently on Special Offer for £27

This course is the perfect accompaniment to my 'Imagine Playing Guitar - You Only Need ONE Song!' book.

Video instructions and worksheets detail the 6-core elements covered in the book and FREE Blueprint Download 

Working through this course with the book will speed up your progress even more.

Here's What's Inside!

(Includes FREE eBook)

STEP 1 & 2 – Get You Playing

Believe that you can do it

  • Get you into the right mindset
  • Tune a Guitar
  • Create and ideal practice environment

Learn to play your first song

  • The 3-chord trick
  • Hints and Tips to change chords smoothly and with confidence
  • Strumming and Counting the beats to put it all together

STEP 3 & 4 – Apply This to Other Songs

Fitting the lyrics to the strum and count

  • That you sing to the strum NOT strum to the singing
  • Identify and just peak the word on the first beat of each bar or chord - Actual singing is optional
  • Working in the other words in-between the word that sits on the first beat - Again actual singing is optional

Play your next 2 songs

  • How the above elements apply to countless songs using different counts and beats
  • Play your 2nd and 3rd Songs
  • Continue guidance on fitting to the lyrics as required

STEP 5 & 6 – There’s Nothing Stopping You Now

Develop additional chords and strumming

  • Learn the down back strum with different variations and how to apply it to different time signatures
  • Apply this to the songs you have learnt already
  • Introduce alternative chord shapes to use in these songs

Become Self Sufficient and Play literally 1000's of Songs

  • Identify how the core elements above fit to 1000's of Songs
  • Apply this to songs of your choice
  • Continue guidance on fitting to the lyrics as required

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Available on your PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone you can keep up to date with your learning wherever you are.
Along with options to continue your learning with ongoing support and encouragement from myself and our imaging playing guitar community, It's as close to a private tutor that you can get online, and at a fraction of the cost. 
Can you afford to put off living your dream any longer?

This is just the beginning!

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