Imagine Playing Guitar - You Only Need ONE Song! eBook & Paperback

Are you learning to play guitar or maybe re-visiting a teenage passion to realise your dream in retirement?

Do you struggle to keep motivated or just can’t find the time?

I have created ‘Imagine Playing Guitar – You Only Need ONE Song!’ Book to help people to identify where they are struggling with their learning and break down those barriers

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Imagine Playing Guitar - Learning Made Easy

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This, easy-to-use book, teaches you, in just ONE Song!, the 6-core elements that are present in 1000’s of songs so you won’t struggle like I did for years trying to learn lots of songs and not really getting anywhere.

Work through this book at a pace that suits you and you will finally get the results you have been dreaming of.

Here's What's Inside!

STEP 1 & 2 – Get You Playing

Believe that you can do it

  • Get you into the right mindset
  • Tune a Guitar
  • Create and ideal practice environment

Learn to play your first song

  • The 3-chord trick
  • Hints and Tips to change chords smoothly and with confidence
  • Strumming and Counting the beats to put it all together
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STEP 3 & 4 – Apply This to Other Songs

Fitting the lyrics to the strum and count

  • That you sing to the strum NOT strum to the singing
  • Identify and just peak the word on the first beat of each bar or chord - Actual singing is optional
  • Working in the other words in-between the word that sits on the first beat - Again actual singing is optional

Play your next 2 songs

  • How the above elements apply to countless songs using different counts and beats
  • Play your 2nd and 3rd Songs
  • Continue guidance on fitting to the lyrics as required
No Question Too Small

STEP 5 & 6 – There’s Nothing Stopping You Now

Develop additional chords and strumming

  • Learn the down back strum with different variations and how to apply it to different time signatures
  • Apply this to the songs you have learnt already
  • Introduce alternative chord shapes to use in these songs

Become Self Sufficient and Play literally 1000's of Songs

  • Identify how the core elements above fit to 1000's of Songs
  • Apply this to songs of your choice
  • Continue guidance on fitting to the lyrics as required
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Stop Struggling, Start Living Your Dream - Grab Your Copy Here!

Available in eBook or Paperback and with options to continue your learning as well as ongoing support and encouragement from myself and our imaging playing guitar community. 
Can you afford to put off living your dream any longer?

This is just the beginning!

All The Tools You Need To Get Your Guitar Playing Off The Ground

Now you can Overcome Your Struggle, Clear Your Vision and Stay on the Right Path to Living Your Dream

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