FREE Cheat Sheet to Learn ONE Rule for All Your Guitar Music Theory!

Consists of 1 Cheat Sheet and 8 Page PDF of Accompanying Details:

1 - Illustrates ONE Rule via The Musical Clock

2 - Apply this rule to memorise Chords, Notes and Scales on the Guitar

3 - Suitable whether Learning to Play or Teach Guitar

FREE Cheat Sheet: The Swiss Army Knife for ALL Your Music Theory for The Guitar

Not being able to remember the Notes on the Strings, Chords and Scales are some of the biggest problems facing anyone starting out on guitar.

This FREE Cheat Sheet is the solution to remembering all this and more using ONE Simple Rule that keeps you or your students motivated giving you that all important foundation on your guitar learning journey.

Download NOW! to learn how you can Memorise and Retain ALL the key Theory needed to make your guitar playing more fulfilling.

In this FREE Cheat Sheet, you’ll learn:

1.  How to Memorise the Notes on the Strings

2.  The anatomy of the guitar and how to tune it perfectly every time

3.  How to create the best practice environment to keep you or your student’s guitar- playing vision in focus

4.  The 3-Chord Trick - Three easy-to-play Chords that will change your life

5.  How to maximise the speed and ease of changing chords quickly and with more confidence

6.  How to put it all together in their first song and how to apply this to literally 1000's of songs

Print Out and Hang Up somewhere easy to see of maybe as a homepage on your phone. This helps to keep you reminded of this ONE Simple Rule and How to apply it to your playing.

Act Now by telling me where you would like me to send it, Click on the button below and start 'realising your dream' Today! 

Imagine Never again Struggling to transpose a song to any key or have to consult your pocket chord book for that unheard of chord! - 

Learn ONE Rule to understand ALL aspects of Music Theory on the Guitar

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