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My name is Mick Hutton and I have been teaching guitar and training in the corporate world for over 40 years and a member of the Registry Of Guitar Tutors at the London College Of Music. Magic Media Street was created to offer Tuition and Recording Services in and around the Suffolk area. The "Do Anything You Wanna Do" brand was then created to support the online "Imagine" Series which currently includes "Imagine Teaching Guitar"' Imagine Playing Guitar" and "Imagine Recording Music" as these all go hand in hand.

So...Imagine Recording Your Own Music

At Magic Media Street we believe that the process of recording should be fun and as relaxed as possible.
Myself and my colleague John Godfrey have a small studio based in Suffolk, England that is suitable for solo. duo or small band recordings at (or more when you multitrack) and also cover promotional video work as well with Green Screen facilities
Mobile Recording

We know they for many of you, the thought of travelling out of your area to a studio is not always practical, maybe you are a young band without regular transport or you already have a suitable rehearsal space or you are doing a live gig.  By us being able to come to you we can set up and record up to 32 simultaneous tracks in a location of your choice.

If that's all you require then you can take the tracks and carry on producing yourself or we can offer full post production if required

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Guitar Player/Teacher Support

With the place that technology is in, recording has become a bigger part of instrument teachers, whether recording their students as part of their development or just recording your lesson or lesson material for either online support or personal handouts

We have just launched "Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centre with a topic dedicated to this particular area

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Here's what some of our clients have to about out Audio, Video & Live Sound Services

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Dan Tucker, Tinderbox.

"A big shout out to Mick for a fantastic job! The clarity, separation and tone on the Martin 000-16GT l was using live for the first time was awesome. Vocals were sweet and crystal clear. A top notch audio pro with first class tools, Mick's as dependable as they come. Highly recommended."

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Geoff Bailey, Guitarist

I want to thank Mick Hutton and Magic Media Street for the outstanding work they did for me in recording and filming me playing guitar for my promotional package.Not only has it got me work when people view it, but it will stand as my proud statement of my ability for the next generations of my family.
Mick's input and ideas shaped it far more than I did and the results speak for themselves.

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Recorded and Edited at Magic Media Street

Using Green Screen Technology to add various backdrops after the event see Photo Below

Geoff Bailey Guitarist


Our NEW Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centre providing a place for players and teachers of all abilities to congregate and develop their skills and interest in ALL things Guitar with other like-minded people As a player or teacher recording can play a big part in your life whether it be recording yourself, your band, your students as part of their development or your online lessons and videos to support your students.  There is a topic in this community dedicated to this subject but anyone interested in recording regardless of whether or not you play an instrument should also pick up some tips from here.

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Come and Join Our "Imagine Playing Guitar" Community Centre

Join Now! and share topics, hints and tips with like minded people. Whether you imagine playing guitar/bass or ukulele, imagine teaching them or recording your own music for you, your students or other bands, you are all welcome.

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