Imagine Playing & Teaching Guitar/Bass & Ukulele

Are You Looking To Play any of the above but struggle with Teach Yourself Books and Online Videos or can't find the Right Teacher on your wavelength?

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Guitar/Bass and Ukulele Tuition and Teaching


So...Imagine Playing Guitar/Bass/Ukulele

At 'Imagine Playing Guitar' we believe that learning and developing to play an Instrument should and can be fun but finding the right approach that suits you can be daunting. 

Getting Starting!

One thing that has resonated right through my career is Getting Started, Introducing people to something new and encouraging them to believe they can master what it is they are trying to achieve.
For me, and I'm sure for many of you out there, the Old school “chalk and talk” style often fails to bring a subject to life and although Scales, Chord Knowledge and Theory are important in the bigger picture I prefer to approach these on an “as needed” basis.
For instance, on the Guitar, Ukulele, etc, a handful of chords and a few strums can give YOU the tools to literally 1000’s of songs and this simple fact is often overlooked in more traditional learning methods .
If I knew then what I know now then I could have saved myself a lot of pain and frustration when I first started out on the guitar.
My aim therefore is to achieve this through mentoring rather than the more traditional text book approach and either online with 1-2-1 Email/Skype/Facetime support or Face to Face if you are local to Suffolk, England. 

One Size Doesn't Fit All!

I clearly remember the challenges of starting out both playing then later teaching guitar so feel I can empathise with what you are going through I hope to be able to encourage you to move forward by identifying what approach to learning suits you best 

It's Your Lesson!

Based in Suffolk, England we offer Tuition and Recording Services in and around the Suffolk area.  We pride ourselves on having empathy with beginners and those finding it a challenge to move forward and most local lessons and services are offered in your own home or preferred location although we do have a small studio to accommodate lessons and recordings. 

24/7 Support

As a regular paying Local Student  you will be given FREE access to this as part of your ongoing tuition support for as long as you are enjoying one of our paid services which includes online, Skype, Facetime services as well as 1-2-1 Lessons, recording or band mentoring.  Just Request access when you start your lessons.

For anyone not local or currently using one of our regular services then Subscription to the "Imagine Playing Guitar - Community Centreis JUST £5.00 (GBP) per month and to help get our community up and running there is currently a FREE Trial period of 60 Days  and with No Contract you can unsubscribe anytime within that period so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

The Bigger The Community - The Better The Community!

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