Playing and Teaching Guitar - Who Needs Qualifications?

Maybe I should re-phase that before I start. 

You don't need official qualifications to make it in this world e.g. certificates and diplomas.

Now I'm not saying Formal Qualifications are a bad thing either and I have gathered some over the years but I have done them to further my knowledge and fuel the passion I have for that subject.   Unfortunately these the main selling point seems to be that you need them to get a job so the emphasis seems to have switched from learning and having a passion for the subject to the education establishments being marked and judged on how many people pass and the teaching methods adapted to satisfy that criteria.

The result is that when looking for employment in most companies many of them won't even accept you for an online or telephone interview unless your CV qualifications sections is full of certificates.

Rare are the days when you could walk into a business and get an interview where you can get a chance to sell...

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