How can I improve my musical ability and expression?

#playwithexpression Feb 05, 2020

Improving your musical ability is just a matter of practice but this needs to be a practice method that works for you. For me it was about playing songs to the best of my ability, not how many scales can I remember or how many notes I can play in a second.

When practicing I tend to follow and therefore recommend the steps below as learning to play a song well keeps me motivated and makes the whole experience more enjoyable. Please bear in mind that lots of songs have the same or similar chords, solo structure which is worth understanding as you can leverage the skills and disciplines learned in one song into many songs which again lifts the spirits and keeps you motivated

Feel and expression can’t really blossom or be appreciated by you as a player until you have mastered the skills and disciplines to play those songs. As you become more familiar with those skills then the feel and expression will come quicker and almost instantly as you learn new songs.

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