Follow This Tip to Nail Your Guitar Solos

#nailyourguitarsolos Feb 03, 2020

Do you struggle to pick out all the notes in a guitar solo you are trying to learn?

Or you got the notes but just can’t seem to get the right feel?

When I learn solos with fast sections or a particular feel in it I slow the recording of the solo down. This is how I now approach this problem with my 1–2–1 students and in my online guitar community. These days there are loads of Apps that can slow down audio without changing the pitch but even if it does change the pitch then if you slow down to 1/2 speed then it will be an octave lower but still in the same key. You can then analyse the solo easier and just focus on the section you are trying to master. Always learn longer pieces in bite size chunks then gradually re-assemble them as this can improve your motivation, satisfaction and enjoyment when you master a small section. Also don’t over practice just for the sake of it. If you have had enough and it feels like a chore then put the guitar down, do...

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