Why do people think strumming a G Chord on their guitar makes them a guitarist?

#icanplayguitar Feb 24, 2020

I saw this question on a forum and had to respond.  I hope the person who posted it was just curious and not being critical.

From the minute you first pluck a string or strum a chord you are playing guitar. If people are getting the creative output they desire from playing one string or chord then they are playing guitar. There is no right or wrong way to play any instrument, just different ways and just because someone’s style or creative output is not always to everyone’s taste doesn’t mean they are not playing the instrument correctly.

As stated above, they may have a disability of some kind or it may just be their preference. Are you going to tell Def Leppard’s drummer he’s can’t call himself a drummer because he plays with one arm or a para-olympian can’t call themselves a runner because they have no legs and are using blades?

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