Why is it so hard to learn the guitar?

#hardtoplayguitar Apr 08, 2020

This answer applies to anything you want to do but find difficult at first.

You need to get and stay in the right mindset which involves stop thinking about the fear of failing and imagine an end result of what you are trying to achieve e.g. Playing your first song to family and friends

Stay motivated to practice by setting smaller but achievable goals like remembering the 3 chords in this song or changing quicker between two more difficult chords, all requirements to playing that first song.

Everything we want to do and do well requires practice, no ifs and buts with this one. Ask anyone who is good at something why and they will all say the same, the time spent on purposeful practice. There is no such thing as just being gifted and not having to work at something. The ones that look gifted gave a history of hard work and graft devoted to realising their dream and opportunity is available to everyone, if you go and look for it.

So when you say to fulfil your passion is something...

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