5 Tips to make your guitar practice more productive and enjoyable

#guitarpracticetips Feb 01, 2020


Motivating yourself to practice your guitar can really be a struggle sometimes so I have a few Tips that can help make it a more positive and enjoyable experience

1.  Keep your guitar to hand

Try to make it easily accessible at all times like on a stand in the room or maybe a wall bracket if you need to keep it out of reach of small children etc. 

Doing this keeps it visible which will also act as a constant reminder and means that it is easy to pick up if you only have a few minutes.  If it is locked in a case under the bed you are far less likely to go to all the trouble of getting it out so consequently your practicing and progression will suffer.

2.  Get to know the components of your piece 

Make sure you know all your chords, the count and the strum you are going to use.  Practice your chord changes and if any are challenging then "Think One Finger" when changing between them, maybe you can leave a finger on like C to D7 or move a finger...

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