How has learning to play the guitar changed your life?

#guitarchangedmylife Feb 11, 2020

Something I was asked recently and What a Great Question!

Learning guitar to me gave me untold confidence and a career of my choosing plus life skills that took me all over the world. In short it was life changing.

As a youngster I lacked self-confidence which affected all aspects of my life both socially and professionally so learning to play the guitar then using that skill, meant that i was doing something others only dreamed of which attracted positive attention. Learning to stand up in front of an audience further built my confidence which helped in both socially and in things like job interviews. Later when i chose to make music my job both playing and teaching I learned more about other peoples needs and requirements and how to appreciate others and empathise with their needs and requirements. Being in Bands took me all over the UK and Europe playing a wide variety of venues and functions, a dream come true!

Moving on armed with only 2 O’Levels (GCSE’s) Grade 5...

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