How can I avoid clipping and adjusting the Volume Pot when playing a Standard Strat?

#fenderstratocaster Feb 05, 2020

If I use my fingers to pick the strings my hand tends to sit forward a bit so I don’t have the problem but if I use a pick then I am more prone to resting my hand od the bridge then hitting the volume knob can occur but my main problem in this position is the side of the hand resting on the bridge rubs on the saddle adjuster screws and gets very sore.

I guess the answer is to adjust your playing accordingly (easier said than done I know) as the Start has been around for decades and if this had been a huge problem then I would assume the design would have been altered long ago.

The other thing to consider is that the position of the volume pot lends itself to being controlled by the little finger to create a non-attacking or swell sound effect that has been perfected by many (Jeff Beck for one) as a desirable effect which is only possible on standard Strat so I guess it’s horses for courses and if your preferred style causes a problem for you then implementing one of the...

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