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“WARNING: Coming Up To Retirement And Thinking Of Learning Guitar? Don’t Struggle Teaching Yourself Until You’ve Read This…”

Does this sound like you or maybe you tried when you were younger?  I know it’s tough, from the difficulty with coordination, the sore fingers to the challenging chords.  But what if I was to tell you, it’s not as hard as you think?  What if you didn’t have to struggle teaching yourself and that with the right advice you can learn in one song, everything you need to propel your guitar playing to new heights, so you can play whatever you like, unaided, and actually enjoy learning! 

I have been coaching student’s like you to finally enjoy the benefits they look for in playing the guitar for over 40 years and would be happy to have a chat and talk about your guitar playing dream.

The benefits of playing guitar are far reaching and the impact it can have on your health and wellbeing is well documented and includes:

Letting out your Creative Inner Self

Unlocking Stress

Improving Confidence and Self belief

So, if you are tired of struggling with. that guitar then arrange your FREE Consultation by simply calling now on 07900 225723 or book online at: But be quick as I am offering a FREE ‘No Obligation’ Guitar Coaching Session to the first 12 people to sign up

This service is completely Free, and you are under no obligation whatsoever, but should our discussions eventually lead you to appoint me as your guitar coach or enrol in one of my online courses, then for peace of mind you can take advantage of my 30-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee PLUS £20 towards a lesson or course with another tutor. I have been coaching guitar students for over 40 years and the pains of those early learning experiences are as vivid today as back then so I totally empathise with what you will go through, and as past students will testify, I can make it work for you as I did for them.

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Thank You.

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"I appointed Michael as my Guitar Coach after retiring a few years ago and I wished I’d done it sooner.  Some years ago, I thought I'd have a go to play a musical instrument.  I went to have guitar lessons, but they weren't very successful. I didn't know the tunes and I didn't really get on that well with the teacher and his methods.  Since retiring I thought I’d have another go but trying to teach yourself is difficult. The good thing about our lessons is I know the songs, so I've got some idea what it's going to sound like.  It's giving me confidence like I'd never expected, and it opens up a whole new world.  Adapting to remote lessons via Zoom has made a difference as well, as I can keep referring back the recorded video of the lessons which is a great help.  I find Michael is great at keeping me motivated by always trying to help rather than criticise.  It's been a very good learning experience which I've really enjoyed. I’m having a great time.”  Adrian – Retired School Teacher

About Me


Michael J Hutton

Video by Neil @ Vidoo Film TV & Video Production - || Music by Mick Hutton

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Have You Ever Felt Like You Are Standing at a Crossroads in Your Guitar Playing Journey? 

I have, on a number of occasions, and each time I had questions that I wanted answers or problems I needed to resolve. 

The first time was when I was just starting out, trying to figure out if I should teach myself or get a teacher and what type of guitar is best to learn on.  Then there was the frustration that I couldn't understand why the notes and chords I was playing didn't sound the same as the song I was trying to cover.  The list goes on and not just for me. 

Every student I have had the privilege of working with over the last 40 years has had questions that wanted answering.  Some were beginners but some already played and just needed a solution to a particular challenge they were encountering at that time.

Like me, these students didn't just need somebody to teach them, they wanted a coach, someone to spend time with them, to understand what they wanted to achieve, and help them work towards a resolution to get them closer to realising their dream. 

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Michael J Hutton (Guitar Coach) - Why I Do What I Do

My Passion is centred around music and playing the guitar but in particular beginners or those struggling or stuck in a rut, For me it was playing through my first song but my message is that you only need ONE song highlighting all the core elements to show you the path to 1000’s of songs and believe you can achieve it. I believe and from my own experience that getting over that 1st hurdle in anything you are passionate about creates a self belief, drive and motivation to jump the other hurdles you are going to face.

And there will be other hurdles and I can testify to that so whatever level you are at and hurdle you are facing in your guitar playing journey then contact me for a chat.  They say "A problem shared is a problem halved"  and that certainly works for me and my students as some of them testify below.

Self-teaching and some styles of tutor based teaching can leave you feeling out on a limb.  I have experienced both and none more so than when I was at school. The 'one-size-fits-all' approach that was dished out like a bad school dinner is the single biggest catalyst that spurred me on to 'Coach' rather than Teach.

I strive to support you every step of the way, so you never feel out on a limb and can always turn to someone for help,advice, feedback, support or just a friendly chat or share a thought, opinion or snippet of wisdom.

I get as bigger buzz out of seeing others realise their dreams as they do so I hope I get to work with you as I have with many students over the last 40 years and that we can all share in a more rewarding and fulfilling life.


When I asked my 6-Year old Grandson what he thought "I do what I do" he said:

"Grandad plays guitars so teaches people which helps take their minds off other things"
(This was asked and quoted at the peak of the Covid-19 epidemic during the lockdown of 2020)


For Me It Enhances My Enjoyment of Life - What Will It Do For You?


Ann - Private Ukulele Student 2020

Dear Mick, I have never thought of myself as musical and never thought I would be able to play a musical instrument. How wrong I was!

With you I recently took up the challenge of learning to play the ukulele and started online lessons.
As I make progress, playing the ukulele brings me joy and great satisfaction. It is a great tonic- much needed in these challenging times.

Thank you for your super ukulele lessons. I'm particularly grateful that even when struggling to learn something, I come away from the lesson feeling positive rather than dejected which has happened with other teachers.

Ann, Health Care Practitioner

Rob - Private Guitar Student 1980's

When I speak about my musical pursuits I still tell the story of auditioning for a band, not knowing any songs and handing you the burden of teaching me a sets worth of songs in a few months!

I often look back on where I came from and who the major influences were in my life and you are among them. - Rob, Followed his dream at the guitar institute in California where he still lives with his family and sharing his time between playing guitar and a very commendable job fighting the wildfires as a pilot.  


Adrian - Private Guitar Student 2020

Adrian is a retired schoolteacher and is living his dream by finally realising a lifetime ambition to play guitar

Jenny - Training & Transactional Analysis Coach 2020

I have just attended a really informative webinar about using Zoom to deliver my Excel training sessions.  Very timely, given the current situation.  Mick explained things clearly and has given me several ideas to take forward.  Thank you Mick!

Jenny Labbett (

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